Occupation: Forum Troll Abuser!

Here’s the pot calling the kettle black: a forum troll who had nothing better to do except call everyone incompetent and then lob insults at me trying to make himself look better, got called and couldn’t deliver. He then has the balls to cry personal abuse. What a piece of work.

The dude couldn’t even back up any initial argument that he stated. He got called on it… simple as that. If you’re going to make an argument, back it up. Don’t go lashing out insults and then cry when you get put in your place. That is the poster boy of a forum troll.

To the forum troll on the Line 6 forum: you were not abused. You were abusive. Learn the difference… you will get called on it. Next time you are asked to back-up your points, refrain from the personal attacks. If you swim in the shark tank, you will get bitten!

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