Easing my worried mind…

Last night, I decided to take matters into my hands to ease my mind about going to the support forums on Line6’s web site. I left my POD hooked up and powered on all night. I wanted to see if there was going to be a problem leaving it on, whether it would crap out like one of the older units. As much as I wanted to go down to the studio and turn it off, I forced myself to stay upstairs and check in the morning.

After an anxious night, I went down to check on the POD. All lights were on and the tap light was blinking normally. Thus, it didn’t crap out on me, which was a good sign. Next test was to hook up my guitar and play it for a few minutes. I put it on a couple of my newly made amp tones (one AC/DC like tone and another Aerosmith like tone) and it played beautifully. Aside from the killer tones that this thing produces, the unit proved to a solid unit and I’m grateful.

If anything, I will feel more relaxed going on the support forums now, having proved to myself that their problems are not my problems.

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