I really ought to know better!!

It really serves me right for hanging around support forums. If anything, it makes me unsettled reading about people who have the same things I do and
are having problems. The thing is, it’s a support forum. People don’t go there to talk about how much they love their stuff. They go there to whine, bitch and complain about the problems with the product and with the company that makes them.

It’s a known fact that companies will put out a product that may not work once in a while. Of course, when they wind up in customer’s hands, where do they go? To the manufacturer’s site to tell everyone all about their bad experiences and not to buy this product. In the 10 or 12 people that do this, I’m sure that companies sell a ton more of this product to totally happy users and the amount of defects are really small in comparison. Problem is, these defects get amplified because of this concentrated area of people venting their spleen all over the place. And then, you get other people like me going to these places wondering if now if they should buy this thing.

My case in point: I recently purchased a Line 6 POD X3 Live so that I can control my guitar sound in church. I hate the insect-like sound I get from the way the sound crew hook up the amps to the PA. Thus, I get to control my sound from the POD. Which, despite of everything else that happened with worship team, I was rather happy at how the guitar sounded. I could say that I owned the sound coming out the PA, good or bad.

Of course, what do I do once I purchase my X3? I register it and then go right to the support forums. What do I find? Whining, bitching and complaining about defects, design, sound and other problems. Of course, I haven’t been hit with these problems and my X3 is one of the newer designed ones, probably explaining why couldn’t find any for the past 4 months. Sure enough, I get uneasy because of this because it is always going to stick at the back of my mind whether something will go wrong with it. If anything, I am just going to have to learn that just because all of those people on the support forum are having problems, all of the units aren’t having problems.

Heck, I am not going to buy my Toyota by going into their service department. Every car in there has a problem. If something goes wrong, I’ll have to figure out my options from there. However, if I am going to sit here worrying about my X3, thinking that if I never turn it on, then I will never have a problem, then there is a problem… with me! And if I am ever going to keep thinking like this, then I had better stay away from hospitals as well because there are too many sick people there!

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