Cherishing the Moment

After a day of anything that could go wrong on a project, did go wrong, I decided that it was time to just get away from it all and do something for myself that would be the perfect distraction from it all… I grabbed one of my most special guitars and restrung and restored it completely.

What makes this guitar so special is that Joelle got it for me. It’s not all that often that she will go out and buy me a guitar to cheer me up, but she did. She bought it for me when I was feeling really down as I had just gotten into a car accident. She knew that I had once met Frank Gambale and he let me play his guitar, and it felt really nice. So, Joelle got me a purple one just like Frank’s and it has been my main electric since.

Up until recently, I hadn’t been good at taking care of my guitars. However, since I started restoring the finish on my other guitars, I have been wanting to do it to all of my guitars. After I applied the Swirl & Haze Remover and the Deep Polish/Conditioner, that guitar, like all of my others, seemed to come back to life. And after a day like today, I really appreciate a guitar like that one and restoring it to its natural beauty made me appreciate it even more. It made me realize just how blessed I was that day to have a wife that really cared enough to get me such a guitar and I should cherish the moment because it will probably never happen again.

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