Awestruck, Humbled and Empowered by a Few Simple Words

“Jord, your recordings have that ‘big’ sound I’m looking for. My son recently recorded his band in a so called ‘professional studio’ and the sound isn’t nearly the quality of yours. I’m thinking the sound engineer lacked experience.”

“I have to second the kudos to Jord’s tunes and the great sound on his recordings!”

These were two of the comments that I have read today about my recording and mixing abilities today on the Inside Home Recording forum. The second comment was made by one of my friends, Dave Chick. What makes this comment so special is that Dave is a respected composer and engineer in his own right. He has written numerous soundtracks and I wish I could write music like him. You gotta hear his stuff at and you’ll know what I am talking about. His stuff leaves me awestruck. That’s why I feel humbled reading his comments.

I can’t begin to tell anyone how it makes me feel to read that I may be getting somewhere with my mixing. All I know is that I feel empowered to push my mixes even further than they are today. I fell empowered to improve myself even more. All I can say is thanx huge, Joe and Dave. I can’t explain how deep your words have touched me, but they have given me renewed strength and purpose.

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