My Mother was Right

My mother always told me, “for all the time you spent arguing that you don’t want to do it, you could have already had it done.” Truer words couldn’t have been spoken today!

Being the project lead for a rather major web project due to launch in a couple of weeks, I managed to uncover something that I suspected all along just before I was about to give the go ahead to push to the integration sandboxes. The worst part of this was that each department involved thought that the other department was going to handle this. Sure enough, no one handled it and it was left until today, less than two weeks before launch. Not having a choice, I had to get a developer to implement this code.

So, I tell the developer what needed to be done and I get the buck passing routine. In fact, I’m getting almost every excuse in the book as to why this should be handled by someone else. Even worse is that I am getting another developer chiming him his support against my decision, and this developer isn’t even on the project. That’s where I had to pull my project lead rank and put my foot down on it. I knew this developer was capable of it… heck, I consider him a better developer than I am. Yet, I knew that I could do this easily if I knew which libraries to poke into, so I know that he could easily do this because he knows which libraries to grab the information from. Yet, he puts up a fight.

Finally, he listened to reason when the main tech lead approached him supporting my decision. All I’m thinking to myself is that all this time you were arguing with me, you could have had this done and we could be integrating. My mother was right!

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