Mental Block Not Necessarily a Punishment from God

I love Joelle… she’s very cute with her answers at times. I told her that I was suffering from a mental block because I was having trouble thinking of an idea for a song. No quicker than me saying it did Joelle come out and say, “Maybe it’s a sign from God telling you to stop writing that loud rock and roll and write some hymns.” What can I say? She made me laugh with that one. But, while there could be a grain of truth to it, I would highly doubt that God is “punishing” me with a mental block, and I have reason:

  1. These days, everything I write deals with Him. Whether it deals with my relationship with Him and Jesus, or simply to glorify and honour His Holy Name, it’s all about about God. Not me… God! Why would God want me to stop talking about how great He really is?
  2. Considering that all of my ideas are Heaven sent, and all of my “loud rock and roll” comes from God, if God wanted me to write something in a different style, would it not stand to reason that God would send me the idea? I would like to think that every time God inspires me with an idea, I run with it, no matter how bizarre I think it may be. Trust me, I wrote a couple that felt bizarre to me, but somehow, they reach other people. That’s why I won’t question this.
  3. It may not be a mental block. It may be a mental rest… or a mental fast. God rested. Jesus fasted from the things his body physically required, such as food. I should probably embrace the rest, or fast, period rather than be frustrated by it. This way, I’ll get back to more songwriting with a more refreshed attitude and inspiration.

This is why I can’t believe Joelle’s answer when it comes to this. God works in His time and if there’s a great idea that He wants me to write, He will give it to me. God knows how music fits into His plan and He knows where I fit in.

“He who waits upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall rise up on wings of eagles; they shall run and shall not faint…” Isaiah 40:31

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