Feeling totally blessed…

As I listen to the results of our summer recording sessions with Natalie P. on my iPod, I am truly feeling that I am in the presence of a real star. She is an amazing songwriter and singer and I can truly say that I was blessed with being able to arrange her music and record her voice (and her guitar) along with enormous honour of producing and mixing her song. It’s not my work… it’s hers. I just worked with her to help her be at her best and portray her at her best. But in the end, it was all her. No fancy tricks. No pitch correction. Just Natalie’s talent!

She gave me a card last night stating that Joelle and I were a blessing on her life. It feels more like the other way around… I am the one who is blessed by Natalie by getting the chance to work with her. I got the chance to be her producer, engineer and even a back-up band where needed. If anything, I feel like God is giving me another chance at music. Even if I don’t make it big in the industry, I still get to be a part of something far bigger than me. There’s a huge blessing in that. Besides, someone like Natalie deserves to be a star. She’s proven it and if it ever does happen, I hope that Joelle and I have the opportunity to be a part of it.

Like I said, she’s a real talent! She’s something this starved music community needs. And I feel blessed to have been a part of it at this time.

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