I could have done some music but…

… instead, I wasted my stupid time trying to prove to some inexperienced producer that snare drums vary in pitch and tonality when struck using various velocities at the centre of the head with a drumstick. This is something that I already knew. How did I know this? I have a snare drum. I don’t play it, but I do listen to other drummers that do play it and I listen carefully to how it sounds. Let’s face it… unless you’re striking a rock, the vibrations are going to change because striking the surface various the tension and thus the vibration. Only rocks and other non-elastic stuff will not vary their tension that easily when struck with the human force behind a drumstick.

So, why the waste of time? Because this person was claiming that FXPansion’s BFD2, the drum software that I use heavily, is varying its snare too much for his genre. Heck, BFD2 varies its snares like a regular snare does. This dude has no concept of dynamic control and processing. Once everything starts getting compressed and EQ’d, things will even out. This dude obviously has no idea of that, and he believes that we’re all wrong. Heck, I already have the proof and it was something that I already knew.

The dude was obviously a waste of time and I have music in me that I want to write. I should have known better because this was as close to mud wrestling with pigs as I want to get. If he wants to show his inexperience, then he can waste someone else’s time. I certainly don’t have to prove things to him, because he just doesn’t have a grasp of what music production is all about, and I certainly don’t have any patience for someone who believes he’s right and the we are all wrong, especially when they don’t know what they’re talking about.

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