Canada Day… just like any other day!

We had a day off for Canada Day and to be honest it felt no different than any other day. Same thing happened yesterday that happened every other this past week:

Joelle and I are still fighting. She thinks I’m the bad guy, which I may be but I don’t do it intentionally to ever hurt her because I love her very much. However, I don’t think that she treats me so great either. And, she really isn’t a bad person either.

If anything, it just makes me tired of all the pain and it just doesn’t make living that much fun these days. Of course life is tough, but it never meant that one should be deprived of happiness. It’s not like I am going to try to end it all… that never works. However, I am going through the “cure me or kill me” thang right now. If anything, I’m waiting for God to do something because I don’t have the answers and God is supposed to have all of the answers. Right now I feel like He has all of the answers and is not telling me, despite asking. It’s depressing to wait.

Mind you, I have been writing some music with my new computer and it has been coming out good. It also shows that I haven’t lost my faith in God and believing that everything will work out. As well, I have been teaching myself some slap bass which I have always wanted to learn for a long time.

Yup, nothing different on Canada Day. Besides, the way the tory Feds are running the country (yes, now we know what they are doing), we’ll eventually be celebrating on July 4th! Or, should I say mourning on that day…

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