Control Surface Revelations

I was going to write about my gripes with Kaki King over her remarks she made about Rush, but after searching her out on MySpace and listening to her music, I discovered that she just wasn’t that interesting enough as a musician to write about.

So, moving forward…

I got an email to a tech support ticket that I made with Mark Of The Unicorn that opened up a whole new world to me. I got so jazzed about this, that I spent half the night just playing to see that it was true. They helped me set up my Mackie board so that I was able to control the CueMix software that speaks to my audio interface. If anything, I just didn’t realize how much control it gave me. I discovered at the press of a button, I was able to control all of the routings within the studio from the one board. This in itself is amazing because I can control my monitors and my headphones amp right from the board itself. Don’t have to fumble with my mouse. To me, that is totally freakin’ cool and a lot more interesting because it totally removes the awkwardness that I have been putting up with for 3 years. As soon as I saw my faders shoot up to their audio positions, I was in a whole new world.

One more reason that ditching my M-Audio Project Mix for the Mackie was one of the best moves I ever made.

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