Croquet? I Don’t Think So…

Joelle decided that she would buy a croquet game because it was on sale? Of course, my curious nature got the best of me and caused me to ask, why she would buy this. Her response was that of “I thought this way, we could do something together as a family?”

I don’t think so…

Not that I don’t do family things… we just don’t need to do this. What is the family into? Let’s see… music! I love to play guitar; Jack loves to play guitar; Josh would love to play and instrument, but he does sing; heck, Joelle even has more percussion that makes more noise than cookware! Not to mention that I love to record. I’d say that this one is a no-brainer! Joelle seems to not want to have anything to do with music, despite of everything she says. My life is built on music. If it doesn’t have music, it doesn’t have life to me. I have been wanting to do music stuff with Joelle for the longest of time and it seems torturous that she doesn’t want to do so! We used to play guitar, keys and record all night when we were younger. She used to sing on various songs. Now, she doesn’t do anything musical, short of turning on CMT… and hardly during the times it plays music. Where has the music gone?

And then she springs this stupid croquet game? Right now, I would like nothing more than to smash the game with its own mallets!

She even seems to be deluded into the thought that we are doing photography together. Hell no! We are doing a job together… which I may add is very unsatisfying considering that I really get nothing out of this company. But, as usual, she doesn’t get it. Maybe she needs a good hit in the head with the croquet mallet to knock some sense into her.

If Joelle wants to do something together, then maybe she should look around and see what everyone else is doing and join in, rather than try to make her party and strong arm people to join in.

Thus I will put it clearly and openly to you, Joelle:

I like music… no, I love music. I love to play guitar. I love to sing. I love to write, record and produce songs. If anything, seeing me with guitars and recording gear almost all my life should have given you the slightest clue! I’m surprised you haven’t noticed this after 26 years of marriage.

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