Integrity… something GM lacks!

I don’t know about anyone else, but where I come from, a deal is a deal. To me, handshake deals are more valuable than the ones written on contracts, because if I can’t trust a company to a point where I need to have a contract, then what’s the use of doing business with that company in the first place.

Funny enough, Joelle and had a little discussion on this matter when she was listening to the news about the CAW’s blockade of GM’s plant in Oshawa. At first, she was sympathetic towards GM. Joelle didn’t realize that GM had already signed a contract agreeing that the plant would be open until 2012, which is why off-duty CAW members are blockading the plant in protest. Now that she knows what the score is on the GM situation, both of us are definitely more sympathetic to the workers in the GM plant itself, and we’re not considered union people (but we do have many friends in the CAW).

Plainly, GM has done wrong. They broke an agreement. People are out there not only fighting for their jobs, but for what is right in this case. GM going to court to stop the blockade is a cowardly move, and is also showing bullying tactics by going after the CAW leaders. The CAW is not doing anything wrong and the damages the GM is seeking are being caused by their own selves. The bible even talks about integrity. This is something that GM totally lacks, and I would be hard pressed to get our next vehicle from GM in November. I know that it is a catch-22 situation because if everyone does this, then more workers suffer. However, I have no intention on dealing with a company that doesn’t stand behind the people that make that company what they are. Even more so, I have no intention of dealing with a company that lacks the integrity to deal with its workers fairly and walk all over them. After all, if they lack integrity with their own employees, then how in the world can they claim to have integrity with their customers.

And I am a customer and I’m watching you GM. This is the internet… welcome to the world of worldwide infamy in a matter of seconds. Govern your moves with your workers accordingly… perhaps there are other people that just may be reading my blog that are customers.

One thought on “Integrity… something GM lacks!

  1. Hey J. I totally agree. Unfortunately, this seems to be the trend of North American companies. They are moving manufacturing to overseas companies because it’s cheaper. Too bad that when all the employees here no longer have jobs, and therefore incomes, it doesn’t matter how much cheaper it is, we still have no money to buy it. Then who loses?!


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