Memoirs of a would-be left-handed drummer…

Last night, while over at my eldest son Henry’s house playing Rock Band with him, my other son Jack, and my eldest daughter Margot and her husband Jonny, we decided to switch instruments and I wound up playing drums of all instruments. Now, I am no drummer, but I did learn huge from last night’s fun. The first thing that I learned about myself is that I am able to keep a rhythm on the drum pads using my left hand for the kick/snare combo while my right hand does the hi-hat ride cymbal combo. I also don’t play well when my arms cross over each other. Although, I can cross over my hands if I change their roles. And, the kick drum would have to go on my left foot. It taught me that I would also have a very weird drum kit set up, if I were to play drums.

What does this all mean…

Well, I was able to translate almost everything I learned from playing the Rock Band drums last night to my Trigger Finger. I also discovered that the Trigger Finger in it factory setup is way too weird for me. No wonder I would always have such a hard time playing drums. The hi-hats were on the opposite side of what I was playing last night and I certainly don’t wish to cross over my hands in such a short space. So, I went over my current patches and reversed the positions of the kick, snare, toms and hats. All of a sudden, everything felt so natural to me. All of a sudden, I was tapping out drum beats like crazy and doing various rolls with ease. I then did this to almost all of my other patches and all of a sudden it felt like new life had sprung forth. It may not sound like much to anyone reading this, but to me, it means a lots because in a game with no rules, I was feeling confined and last night set me free in so many ways! I learned so much about myself by putting myself out of my comfort zone and was able to use the information that I got back from it.

I definitely should try that more often… and perhaps some more drumming too. Who knows… it may help my guitar playing.

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