I want METAL!

Last night on my way home, the last part of my journey on the 401 took over an hour to get through. I’m talking about he 13Km stretch on the 401 between Guelph Line and Highway 6/Brock Rd. Worst part was that I had no idea it was going to be blocked beyond Guelph Line until I got there. Otherwise, I would have gotten off.

If anything, though, I wanted to personally thank the butthead who probably thought that driving 140Km/Hr in the blinding rain would never affect him or her. I wanted to thank him/her for making our one hour in the home stretch so long. I wanted to thank him/her for being the idiotic driver that (s)he was. I wanted to thank them for making not only the victim’s life a nightmare, but also ours just by being on the freakin’ road. If anything, I just wanted to show that much appreciation. Heck, I even wanted to take their picture and post it up on my blog… after all, it is our right as a Canadian.

But alas, when I got to the supposed area, nothing was there. No cars. No drivers. Not even a shard of broken glass of a headlight or a spillage of fluid (even oil leaves a residue trace in the rain). There was nothing! Zip!

That’s totally unfair! If I am going to be held up on the highway with nowhere to go for over an hour, I want to see some crushed vehicles. I want to see some dramatic car crash of metal on metal. I want to see some melting steel and gushing fluids. I want to see ambulances, fire trucks and at least two police cars. I want something to show for having to spend my extra time on the 401 on what should have been a 45 minute trip home. I want to see the face of the idiot who thoughtlessly took up my, and other people’s, time without even bothering to ask us if they could. Did I say thoughtlessly? I meant brainlessly!! I wanted the world to see what an idiot they were.

Heck, I got to see more action on the Greyhound.

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