Time to take my vocal homework on the road

I came to the realization as I was attempting to lay down some vocal tracks last night that I need to practice my vocal and breathing exercises. Funny enough, these are notes that I know that I can reach easily, and yet in front of a studio mic, especially a tube condenser that picks up everything, I start slam-dunking my notes because I am not breathing properly. The worst part of it is that I can hear it in my notes.

Considering that I am on the 401 in the morning rush hour, I should take my vocal exercises with me in the car. I have this great package called “The Zen of Screaming” by Melissa Cross and despite the colourful language (after all, we are talking about heavy metal vocalists and screamers), the breathing and vocal exercises once saved my voice at a time I needed it most, having suffered major throat damage from acid reflux and could hardly speak. I don’t know why I would stop, considering that they help major. Now that I am in the car a lot of the time, there’s no reason I couldn’t take the vocal exercise CD with me in the car and do my particular set of exercises while I’m driving. I can do breathing exercises before I go to bed every night as well, like I used to.

If anything, I need to get my vocals back into shape for this song. It’s an easy song, vocally, and fact that I am having trouble with it only proves that I haven’t been doing my exercises. It’s time to change this. I will do a bunch of guitar exercises… my voice is an instrument as well.

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