If movie space-aliens are so smart and powerful…

After our Monday afternoon meeting at work today, a bunch of us geeks got together for a little geek-chat and something hit us: All of us have seen the movie Independence Day and how the aliens in the movie were superior to us in both intellect and technology. However, we had this burning question in our mind:

Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith went up to the mothership and while docked in the mothership, Jeff uploaded a virus from his laptop to the alien’s computer prior to blowing up the mothership. What we want to know is: where did they suddenly get a wireless connection from? Did the mothership come equipped with an Apple Airport Extreme? Did they log into the Apple Store online and order a few thousand Airports? Even more so, what did they use for a credit card? Milky Way Mastercard?  And, how did FedEx get them their package? So many holes here?

And another thing? If the aliens are so smart, how come they never heard of a Firewall and Virus Checker? Sure, they were able to destroy cities with a wall of fire, but they couldn’t protect themselves with a firewall?

I guess space aliens are not really that smart, even with all of their technological advancements.

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