Of Hypocrites and Liars…

I remember once not too long after I got my black belt in Karate, that my Sensei had told us a story dealing with honour, truth, and integrity:

A woman once took her child to talk to their Sensei and the woman had asked the Sensei to tell her child that he must stop eating sugar. The Sensei looked at them and had asked the woman to come back next week. The woman reluctanctly complied and brought her child to the Sensei and once again asked him to tell his child to stop eating sugar. The Sensei complied and spoke to the child about not eating sugar and the child happily complied with his Sensei’s request. The woman was puzzled and had asked the Sensei, “For what reason did you make us wait a week for this? Why could you not tell him last week?”

The Sensei replied, “Because I ate sugar last week.”

This story has always stuck with me because it ties right in the Bible is that one shall know their trees by their fruits. Bad fruits always come from bad trees. Even worse is that bad fruits spring even more bad trees. If anything, it really bothers me when I encounter hypocrites and liars. I’m not saying that I’m above them… far from it! If anything, I’m more pee’d off at them when they go and teach people one thing and do something totally opposite to what they’re teaching. If anything, I know I’m a hypocrite at the worst of times, but I also know that I am not fit to teach others. I may be fit to learn… but never teach.

Would you take serious financial advice from a bum on the street?
Would you take a con-man at his word?
Would you take health advice from someone who’s overweight?
Would you learn the Bible from someone who shows little respect to others, and displays this in front of their children?

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