My love/hate relationship with the 407ETR

One of the things working in Woodbridge that I put my foot down with Joelle was that I was not going to be caught dead in rush hour for 2 hours or so trying to get home. I can handle the 401 coming in providing that we’re talking about the normal rush hour (within normal limits… major accidents and obstructions are the exception), but going home is another story. Enter the 407ETR… our toll highway. It takes me from the back door of where I am working to 401 just outside Mississauga. A 32 kilometre stretch, costing $5.75 a trip.

Even though it is not considered cheap, if it weren’t for the transponder, it would really be the Expensive Toll Route. However, I can tolerate the cost, although I hope they eventually do adjust them to be a little lower one day.

Here’s the thing, however: THESE GUYS GET IT!

The highway is always moving. There are so many lanes going through it to between the 401 in the west to Markham in the east! They add more lanes to keep this thing moving and it really moves. They are totally on top of our travelling needs. They give us great value for what we pay for. I like that in any company that I do business with. A 15 minute trip on the 407 certain trumps a 60-90 minute drive to get to the same spot on the 400/401 combination. This is valuable to me!

I would go as far as to admit that the 407 Consortium should be managing the 401 and other Toronto highways. If they were to do everything for the 401 and perhaps charge a reduced toll for the 401 and 407, I’d take it! If it keeps me moving, I would certainly take it. The Ontario provincial government just does not get it and the Ministry of Transport has created the most inefficient highway infrastructure in their 400-series highways. I can’t believe we vote for this crap! If it were an ordinary business, these dudes would be out on their asses and slinging burgers at Wendy’s. I wouldn’t even trust them at the drive-thru window… keep them away from cars!!!! The dudes at the 407 Consortium are forward thinkers and they have the road to show for it. Even if it isn’t cheap, it is moving.

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