Serving Notice: Had enough with M-Audio

Just like the subject says: I’m at the boiling point with M-Audio and I’m about to just cut my losses and just say good-bye! I have owned an M-Audio ProjectMix I/O control surface for 2 years now. When I got it, it was good because all of the drivers were working intact and I had no weird behaviours when mixing with Logic. However, as time went on, the quality of their drivers dropped to worse than crap and the frequency of getting new drivers out is slower than molasses. Even more salt in the wounds is the so-called beta driver that they released for the unit. That wasn’t beta… heck, that wasn’t even alpha quality. It was garbage and it rendered my ProjectMix entirely useless. I had to uninstall the drivers completely and re-installed the crap for drivers that I had in there to restore it back to its half-baked condition.

It has become the worst piece of junk to hit the market and I am about to cut my losses and get rid of the thing and pick up either a Mackie or Euphonix control surface, depending on what I can get from my fave dealer for the trade-in. I don’t need the audio interface in the ProjectMix because I have a much better interface/tube pre-amp feeding my 24I/O that I can also use standalone if I happen to need more inputs than the 24 that I already have. If anything, all I want is something that works, and M-Audio has now failed to deliver.

M-Audio’s stuff has become nothing more than a pile of worthless junk and their quality control for their software is non-existant. I don’t need substandard crap in my project studio and I am totally prepared to dump that piece of garbage at a loss in order to get a project studio that works at least as good as when I first got the ProjectMix. If M-Audio cannot be bothered to provide me with a proper set of drivers for the ProjectMix and keep me as a satisfied customer, then I see no reason whatsoever to provide M-Audio with my business when there are other reputable businesses that are simply dying to give me more bang for my buck. All I can say is consider yourself on notice and you had better show me something by the time I’m ready to obtain a new MacPro for the studio. And don’t drag your feet either, because it won’t be that long, and the other companies are simply itching to serve me. I’ve had enough with your crap and I don’t have to take it anymore. I have a project studio to run!

And don’t take this personally… it’s only business!

One thought on “Serving Notice: Had enough with M-Audio

  1. I hear ya Jord – I was an M-Audio fan up until a couple years ago. I think when they got purchased by Avid, it all went downhill.I have (had – don’t really use it anymore) a Delta 1010 that started to have an annoying buzz on all the outputs at startup and emails to technical support yielded curt and snark responses about returning it to the store I bought it from for problem resolution. Well, I bought it online and in the ‘states… “sorry, can’t help you…”I had the same issue with my Keystation Pro 88 (a key was sticking – I resolved it myself)- although they were willing to have me ship it to Montreal and they’d replace it. I told them that I needed the keyboard for my work and the time to have it shipped to Montreal and one shipped back would be a week out of my schedule – could I put down a deposit for one, have that sent out before I send this one in? No, sorry, we don’t do that.Very inflexible customer service and, I agree, poor quality these past couple of years.I’m with you – no more M-Audio stuff if I can avoid it.


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