First Project Jitters

I guess I should be careful what I ask for… today my impatience got rewarded, but time will tell if it turns out to be more than I can handle.

I got handed a project today and it is a pretty big one. To top it off, it is my first project. I’m not gonna cower from this… heck I never cowered from anything Trapeze threw at me. I’m just jittery, considering the fact that this is my first project and I want to make it work. If anything, I want to kick it as hard as I can and show what I am made of… which is hopefully some good stuff. That’s what makes me more nervous than anything else. I’m still quite unproven, despite the fact that everyone has seen my coding style and likes what they see so far.

I am going to plan this thing out… I actually have time to do that. It’s giving me a chance to sharpen my UML chops. Let’s hope it helps ease the jitters.

If you’re reading this… wish me luck.

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