Pushing my buttons…

Today has already started off to be great freakin’ day with the devil just hammering at my buttons trying to find the one that makes me explode.

To start off, I can’t seem to get out the door no matter how early I wake up in the morning. Can’t find the pattern there and break it. Traffic pile-ups between Milton and Toronto… courtesy of the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (they are the most primitive agency… heck, they should get the dudes to run the 407 to manage our highways – they get it!!). And, the cherry on my sundae is a scum-sucking brainless twit in a blue Ford F-150 that just decides to cut me off and almost wanting to get into an accident. The butt-head probably got his license out of a cereal box! He has the brains of a dead cow… and that’s an insult to the dead cow.

And to think… my day has only begun! I’m gonna be in such a fantastic mood when I go pick up Joelle from the airport… and worse of all, she doesn’t deserve to be at the end of my acid tongue. So much for today!

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