Big CD score this weekend: Complete works of Robert Johnson!

This weekend I scored big while going out for lunch with Josh. We decided to take a walk around the mall, and I decided to take a walk into HMV and just browse just for the sake of browsing. To my surprise, as I was having a look at the blues section, I found the complete recordings of Robert Johnson that he did back in the late 20’s and early 30’s. I felt like I was playing the of part of Ralph Macchio’s role in Crossroads, except for the fact that I have a lot more than 12 songs. In fact, there were 41 recordings in this collection, full of alternate takes and such. Now, I have something to go along with the Robert Johnson guitar video that I found not too long ago.

If anything, I’m going to give my ears a treat and listen to this stuff today. I’m hoping that when we go down to Florida this year, I manage to find a bunch more stuff like this, such as Son House, and a few others. Plus, I am going to find the guitar stores down there in hopes that I find some more guitar videos teaching the styles of Rev. Gary Davis, Lightning Hopkins, Mance Lipscombe and others like them.

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