One little victory…

Those that have been following my life, or reading up on my FaceBook profile, and are aware of my freak knee accident that occurred demonstrating a weapon (the Bo) to a group of orange belts, and got further debilitated by unknowingly altering my walking habits, weakening my entire left leg, may be happy to know that I scored a tiny victory over this injury this week.

In a way, I have been doing my own form of “physio” on my leg by not only exercising it out on a bike, but also doing some strength training on an bow-flex unit. When I started, my left leg could barely handle 40lbs of resistance and I had a top pedalling speed of 16Km/hr. This week, I am pleased to report that my left leg can almost comfortably handle 50lbs of resistance and I have achieved an average pedalling speed of 26Km/hr. As well, I have been working out the rest of my body on the bow-flex and have not only felt my energy level increasing, but I have also dropped 7lbs.

If anything, it has been a huge step this week, and is just one little victory. To celebrate, I have upped my resistance all over by 10-20lbs, depending on the exercise, and I am ready to start the process over again. I realize that I have a long way to go with my leg, but that’s okay. I’m considering this a long-term investment!

I am looking forward to the next little victory. Believe and achieve!!

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