Note to self: Don’t take cell phone to bathroom!

If anything, I’m posting this more as a reminder than a blog because everytime I have to go to the bathroom, my cell phone goes off. It just makes me wonder who has that impeccable timing when I’m “taking The Browns to the SuperBowl”. I can’t call them inconsiderate, because they don’t know that I am currently indisposed and I didn’t make any effort to send that message, either by turning off my phone or leaving it locked in my bag.

Or, better yet, why don’t I simply answer the phone and try to hold a conversation in the middle of my “symphonic movement”? I’m sure that the it would not only prove to be amusing as I try to express some words such as “Philadephia” or “Boston” (practice these words in the middle of your chore), but I’m sure that the caller on the other will start thinking twice as to whether it may be a good idea to give me a call.

Until then, it’s time to start taking some cell phone measures before going to the white room. 🙂

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