Oh me of little faith…

I have a nickname for Tuesdays. I call ’em “It happens Tuesdays!”, or a little stronger language, depending on the severity of it all. Things always happen on a Tuesday, or so it seems, more than any other day for me, and it seems to be a very noticeable pattern. Stuff of this nature happening on any other day, seem to be more of a freak occurrence than anything else. I am starting to think that it often tests my faith, and it puts me through various events with the same lesson.

Today is no different…

Driving in this morning, the 401 was backed up from Wellington County and I thought that it was going to be yet another slow day coming into work. Sure enough, about 15 minutes later, I wound up at the cause of the back-up, which was an accident on the westbound 401 involving a white Grand Prix and Transport Trailer carrying a full load of cars. The car was t-boned by the truck, and I am certainly inclined to believe that the car was at fault. My best guess is that the drive believed it could outrun the truck and cut in its lane… and miscalculated. As much as I hate to say it, but I felt that the truck driver did the only thing he could: hit the car. A jack-knife could have thrown the vehicles it was transporting onto the highway causing more chaos.

Sure enough, I was thanking the driver of the car for his totally selfish move causing traffic stoppage in both directions. Even more so, I believed that it was going to be a day to take the 407 in, so I dug out my transponder and thought to myself, it would take a God to get me to Mississauga by 7:30’ish and even that seems impossible to do.

Shows how much I know. It’s as if God went, “I heard that… just watch!”, and cleared the traffic all the way up to Mississauga Road. I got there at 7:34am. I even got here 10 minutes earlier than I normally do. God is hopefully smiling at me going “Oh ye of little faith!”, because when I think of how I challenged God in that manner, I saw myself as having little faith. I’m just glad to have a God that is more than willing to roll up His sleeves for me just to show in His own little ways, and they are little to Him, He is God!

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