God is not a vending machine…

This is something that I have been telling my 13-year old son all weekend, mainly because he would often pray to get various things and when they didn’t happen, he would always question why. That’s when I would tell him so. While I believe that everything is God-given, I don’t believe that we get it by saying a prayer and pulling a lever and watch it drop out of the sky.

Funny enough, my daily devotionals dealt with complaining and bellyaching. My Saturday study passage illustrated the very premise that God is not a vending machine and yet everyone in the desert was complaining and whining that things were not going their way, because all they had to eat was manna. They had manna and yet they wanted meat. God gave them meat and then they wanted something else. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. And don’t think that God didn’t give them more than what they bargained for.

Then I stumbled upon one of the questions that asked if God ever answered my prayers which proved to be costly… and sure enough, there was a time. I remember once getting a Lincoln Mark VIII, and while it was a nice car, it proved to be more than what I had bargained for. It became costly to repair. Insurance was a nightmare once I got into an accident with it. It was hard to handle in the winter time. That was only the beginning. All of the costs piled up pone on top of the other and it just got to a point where it wasn’t worth it. Fortunately, at a crossroads, I managed to find the answer and the choice I needed to make and was fortunate enough that God provided a way out for me and managed to get rid of the car. Happily enough, all of the costs went away with it.

I’ve learned to be careful what I ask for… I will get it, and possibly more than what I bargained for!

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