All the King’s Horses…

… and all the King’s Men weren’t around to help me put this studio back together again. PITY!

I finally got everything all back together last night before having to take down a wedding for Joelle and the first thing I did was plug one of my guitars into one of the tube pre-amp inputs and the first words out of my mouth were “OH MY GOD!” Everything just sounded so alive!
All of a sudden, some of the amp models were just jumping out of the speakers. Notes were sustaining like they never did and there was a certain fire! Talk about music to my ears! I dialed in one of the Marshall amp models and plugged in my ol’ Ibanez Destroyer. I started hearing it the way I used to hear my old KISS albums. It was almost as if Paul Stanley were in the room playing. I even got a treat that I never got out of a straight digital interface… FEEDBACK! Yes!!! The guitar will feed back on a tube interface. It sounded totally mind blowing. I definitely feel a song coming on.

The two day rewiring project was more than worth it. It helped me clear out the gear that I was no longer using as well as helping me find which other gear is nearing the end of its life, such as my ol’ Multi-Verb III, which will probably not be replaced either as my Ibanez SDR-1000 (which is older) is more than worthy for the job and has held out longer and would probably be used in conjunction with my RockMan XPR (if that holds out as well… if not, it’s been nice).

It’s play time!!

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