What were they thinking???

Finally, a question today that has surpassed my usual “why has someone never invented a sound-proof toilet bowl?” derives from this link:


What were people thinking when they came up with these types of breakfast cereals????

The worst part is that I remember the majority of these cereals from their commercials. I never ate any of them, and looking back, that seems like a good thing. Some of the things that they wrote made me laugh out loud. Here’s a piece:

Honestly, what’s more appetizing than chowing down on some crunchy loggs? Wouldn’t you just love to pop a logg in your mouth and experience its rich nutty flavor? It tastes just like what you’d get if a cartoon beaver took a dump in your bowl. Mmmm…delish.

They forgot to mention that it also looks like a cartoon beaver took a dump in the bowl as well. Some people in marketing positions were probably overdosing on too many Magic Puffs (another breakfast cereal).

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