It’s Ripping Time!!

I went to Staples and picked up a little label maker along with some extra label tape with extra strong adhesive. I’m going to get out my screwdrivers and I am going to go into the studio and re-arranging my entire rack, ripping out all of the cables and re-organizing and labelling them. I am also ripping out my old Roland R-8m drum unit that I had for 20 years. It served me well, but it’s time has come.

I’m probably going to be in there all night and probably into the early morning in order to get things running in an efficient manner. This way, I can have easy visual access to my most used equipment and leave the least used stuff in a spot where I know they won’t be as needed.

If anything, the way I have things right now, it’s so inefficient. I can’t see my tube pre-amps and some of my other stuff in not handled as much. I’m also going to label the cables that I hook into the pre-amps because I don’t want to accidentally plug a dynamic or ribbon mic into a phantom powered cable. That would spell the end of the mic.

I am definitely looking forward to a more efficient studio rack… IT’S RIPPING TIME!

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