A tiny answered prayer goes a long way…

This past Sunday I got a an answer to one of my prayers that, although may seem small and insignificant to anyone else, felt really huge to me:

Our former pastor, who has stepped down at our church to do bigger and better things for God’s purpose, is someone that I always related to musically. Whenever we used to play on some special worship teams together, I always felt closer to God because of him. Not because we was our pastor, but because it felt like we charged each other up so much that it almost as if we could light up the entire church building and then some. You wanna talk about being gripped by the Holy Spirit, this was unexplainable to the point of overwhelm. If anything, I don’t know if his new position will allow us to do worship music like that again, so all I wanted was that chance to do this once more, even if it turns out to the be the last time (which I hope not, but one never knows). That’s all I prayed for.

My prayer got answered when I was playing at his send-off party last Sunday. In our second worship set, our worship team leader right into the song asked the pastor to come up and sing with us. It didn’t take another second to realize it all, and I was so overwhelmed with joy, I was practically drowning in my own tears. Funny enough, we were singing “How Great Is Our God”, and to me, nothing could have been more true at the time. It was way too much to contain, and I was playing it out so hard on my guitar that I was surprised that I didn’t break a string.

It was such a tiny prayer, but it was answered in such a big way to me. It truly showed how great is our God!

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